Everything you should know about hair wash with conditioner

Contrary to appearances, hair wash is not a simple task. “You just need to use shampoo, that’s all” – you’d say. And you’d be mistaken. Shampoo is suitable for everyday hair cleanse, but under no circumstances it should be the only way of hair care. At least once a week you should perform deep cleanse, e.g. with highly concentrated preparation in combination with exfoliating scrub or… with conditioner! What should you know about this last method?

hair-wash.jpgHair wash is a complex method of cleanse and conditioning in one. Hair wash with conditioner is a great solution for girls with curly, damaged or oily skin, but also those with sensitive skin. If application of conditioner after hair wash isn’t working for you, this method will certainly help. It is less weighting down and combines two treatments for hair in one.

Why conditioner hair wash for those particular hair types?

Hair tend to get greasy faster if you often wash them with detergents. Additionally, shampoos can contain irritating substances, and awfully often can lead to hair dryness, especially after use of strong detergents. Besides, shampoo misses some important ingredients, i.e. conditioning substances. It makes hair difficult to comb out. Hair wash with conditioner is the only way out of this situation!

You have to remember to choose proper conditioning product – not every conditioner can be used for hair wash. Cosmetic you want to use has to contain, high in composition, surface active agents (surfactants). Those substances are responsible for conditioner to slightly foam and cleanse scalp. What is more, conditioner shouldn’t contain heavy silicones, paraffins, butters, oils or large amount of proteins.

Hair wash with conditioner looks exactly like with shampoo, though you have to remember about few things. Firstly, hair need to be damp, because dry hair are much harder to wash. Secondly, you have to use a bit more of conditioner than you usually use shampoo, but be careful to not use too much. The fact that conditioner doesn’t foam doesn’t mean you have to pour out half of the bottle. You can make application easier by mixing conditioner with water in 50/50 proportions. Thirdly, you may want to keep conditioner a bit longer on hair. Finally, rinse should be more thorough than in case of shampoo, because you have to get rid of all the residues of the product.