The most common mistakes in use of hair conditioner

What is the most popular – right behind shampoo – product for hair care among women? Of course, hair conditioner. You can find one in every bathroom. Sometimes it is a reasonably chosen product and sometimes it is a random cosmetic or a gift from a friend. It doesn’t matter where did you get your hair conditioner. It’s a good thing that you at least have it! Hair care is extremely important, but only if product is used correctly.

hair-care-tips.jpgIt seems like a simple cosmetic, but in spite of it hair conditioner can cause quite a trouble. You use it incorrectly, and not give it much thought. Then you are upset that promised effects are nowhere to be seen or (worse!) condition of your hair significantly worsen. This is the moment, when you should just sit, relax and think, what is that you are doing wrong?

It is probable that you commit at least one of the most common mistakes in use of hair conditioners.

1. You keep it too long on hair

The longer the better? Wrong. If you keep conditioner too long on hair it can only cause harm, not help. At most, hair can be weighted down. Time set for application of conditioner is enough for hair to absorb nourishing ingredients. After this time it won’t absorb anything else, but can only be more clumped. Hair conditioner kept too long on hair is more difficult to rinse and is not going to provide the results you are expecting.

2. Application of too large amount of conditioner

The more the better? Wrong again. By applying too much of hair conditioner you cause the same problem. Weighted down, clumped and difficult to wash, hair. Manufacturer of the product probably knows which amount of cosmetic is enough for one application. Application of too large dosage will make it hard to rinse it. Besides, strands can clump, not to mention too large amount of proteins delivered to hair.

3. You don’t comb out tangled hair

Somewhere on the Internet it was said that combing wet hair is bad. And have they told you that pulling and additional tangling can harm them even more? That’s a pity, because that is exactly what happens. Before and after application of conditioner, you should comb hair with wide-tooth comb. By doing it gently you won’t damage hair and cover them better with conditioner. Combing after application allows more thorough administration of product on entire hair. Untangled and not clumped hair won’t be liable to pulling during stylisation.