Why should you use hair conditioners?

Do you have dry hair prone to brittleness and split ends? Or maybe on the contrary, your hair are glossy and loose, but are really difficult in stylisation? In each case, the most important is proper nourishment. For this matter, hair conditioner should be irreplaceable cosmetic in every bathroom. Below, you will find arguments, which may convince you to purchase one for yourself!

#1 Regulates level of hydration

Almost every conditioner has moisturising properties. It is base of hair care, mostly because internal conditioning is not enough. Even when you ingest right amount of fluids during the day you have no guarantee that hair will be well moisturised. Shampoo is also unable to do that, furthermore, it can cause dryness. And so conditioner will take care of proper level of hydration.

#2 Complements deficits of nourishing ingredients

As the name indicates, conditioner is suppose to provide hair with conditioning properties. That means, that only right conditioner can complement all the deficits of nourishing ingredients. It is important, because - similar to water - not all nourishing substances from food reach hair. Healthy diet is the most important, but it is not enough to provide hair with vitality.

#3 In a complex way protects hair

Each day, hair are liable to harmful factors from external world, like wind, extreme temperatures, UV radiation and impurities from the environment. If hair are left without additional protection they can really quickly become matte and get damaged. Only conditioner can cover hair with filter and provide protection. It is worth to remember about choosing right conditioner for given hair type. The best will be those with additional filter.

#4 Makes stylisation easier

Best friend of every woman with wild and difficult in stylisation hair should be conditioner. Beside nourishment, moisture and protection important is also that hair are liable for stylisation. Good quality hair conditioner will tame and smoother hair, provide volume and ease combing out.

#5 Regenerates damages

For very damaged hair it is recommended use of concentrated serum or regenerative mask. It doesn't mean that conditioner doesn't have regenerative properties. On the contrary, hair conditioner with right composition can also repair some damages and improve condition of hair.

Hair conditioner – bought or made?

Basic rule of hair care states as following: get good quality hair conditioner! Unwritten rules say that essential elements of hair care is moisture and nourishment. However, there is no rule saying anything about the …