Hair conditioner – bought or made?

Basic rule of hair care states as following: get good quality hair conditioner! Unwritten rules say that essential elements of hair care is moisture and nourishment. However, there is no rule saying anything about the way to obtain right level of hydration and nourishing ingredients in organism. The most popular are hair conditioners, because they work fast, are complex, cheap and easy in use. For this reason you have to have conditioner in your cosmetic bag! But what kind of hair conditioner? And should you buy it or maybe make it by yourself?

hair-care.jpgPeople who prefer dragstore conditioners usually point out safety. Their main arguments are dermatologists tests and trials on given research group. Those conditions are expected to provide safety of cosmetic, which can be with no fear applied on hair. Perhaps, home made conditioners weren’t tested for eventual side effects, but nonetheless you know their composition much better. Rather no one will make hair conditioner with argan oil if this person knows that is allergic to this ingredient.

Safety of home made conditioners is similar to those from dragstores, though they haven’t underwent any rigorous tests and weren’t created in sterile conditions.

Strong argument of people who prefer DIY cosmetics is always natural and safe ingredients. You can’t argue with that. When you make your own hair conditioner you can freely adjust and modify its composition. What is more, home made conditioner usually contains products, which are easy to obtain, like oil, butter, vegetable extracts, dairy, honey, spices, etc. You won’t use silicones or preservatives, because you can’t get them that easily. For this reason, DIY hair conditioners have much nicer and more natural composition. Chemical, unknown, artificial and often dangerous ingredients are usually found in hair conditioners from dragstores.

Last criterion are quality and price, which always go hand in hand. Hair conditioners of big brands are more expensive, but at the same time they suppose to have better quality. DIY hair conditioners are much cheaper and in theory weaker, though in practice their properties aren’t much worse than conditioner from dragstore. Power of nature is still unrecognised, because after all effects are truly subjective sensation. However, when it comes to price then home made conditioners are true competition to products made by big brands. Their price is often ten times lower, but properties similar.